Shikha stepped outside her house wearing a full sleeves top and jeans rushing to college. On her way she found a monster generally people know that monster by the name of society. Her neighbour looked at her from top to bottom abd bottom to top and made a grumpy face looking at her dress. She ignored. After few more steps some boys were sitting in a group. They were all staring at her and started passing comments on her dress. Again she ignored. She reached near bus stop. The bus arrived and she went in. The conductor came to collect bus fare and while collecting it from her he touched her hand purposely. Shikha immediately pulled her hand and gave him a disgusted look. The old lady sitting beside her was watching everything and much to her surprise the old lady told her “If you will wear such exposing clothes then such things are bound to happen.” Shikha felt embarassed and she decided she’ll wear salwar kameez from next day. Next day Shikha was wearing salwar kameez but the scenario was not much different. Its not about the clothes, its about the mentality.